Sunday, January 13, 2013

First Shots with the S&W M&P9c

After waffling back and forth between a Glock G19 and a Smith and Wesson M&P 9 mm compact I finally settled on the S&W.  Of course, with the proposed legislation coming down the pipeline, I had a hard time finding either one.  I had a gunsmith install a set of Meprolight 3 dot night sights and today made it out to the range.

As you can see, at 7 yards, I have some work to do on tightening up my groups.  The top grouping was by far my best group.  I also need to play with my grip a bit as evidenced by the bias to the left of the bulls eye.  If anyone has any suggestions on technique based off the target, then I am all ears.

So, to ignite a debate, which would you have preferred?  A G19, M&P9c, or another compact?


  1. I'm old school and I like to feel like Annie Oakley w/ my 38! ;) really though - I like any of them that are going to protect me!

    1. True story. The name of the game is to be proficient. There's a saying that professionals practice until they can't get it wrong (at least, that's how I think it goes). That's a good goal to shoot for in my humble opinion.