Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Muay Thai: Back into the Mix

I joined a new gym and they offer MMA classes.  One of the deals signing up was that I got a free week's worth of classes.  I wish I could take the whole week off and just train.  That would have been a great way to shock my system to start back on the road to martial arts.  Unfortunately, I have not figured out the secret to early retirement.  And, since I was in town this week instead of being on the road for work, I was able to attend my first class.

I decided to start with something I was comfortable with.  Muay Thai, for those who do not know, is basically kickboxing.  The techniques taught originated from, you guessed it, Thailand.  It has an emphasis on stand-up striking and not only using punches and kicks, but also knees and elbows.

My background in martial arts has been fairly rounded, but intermittent.  I started Tae Kwon Do around the 5th grade and advanced up to Blue Belt (cannot remember which gup level that is) until I stopped after reaching high school.  I picked it back up after high school and it took two more years to reach a 1st Dan black belt.  For the record, I never liked sport TKD.  I was fortunate enough to have an instructor who was very realistic, eccentric, and hardcore.  I was encouraged to work on my boxing and other aspects of martial arts.  In essence, and reality, my instructor was a mixed martial artist (he was a master in other disciplines as well).  I also spent approximately a year doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through a couple different schools.  That did not come as naturally to me and at the time I had moved between two cities.  Life got busy with work and traveling for work and it fell by the way side.

So, tonight was my "comeback" so to speak.  And, I have to say, I felt like I have not missed a beat when it comes to mindset and mechanics.  My cardio definitely needs improvement, but the technique was still there!  I am super pumped to start again.  I will not bore you with what we did in class, but needless to say, I am hooked again.  It is too bad I have to travel for the next three weeks.  Hopefully, I can take advantage of the road to work on my cardio.

Do you practice martial arts?  If so, are you more into the traditional technique or "art" side of it?  Or, do you train based on real fight technique?

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