Sunday, January 20, 2013

President Obama's Executive Orders On January 16th, 2013: Why You Should Be Concerned Part Two

Part Two of this two part series addresses the overall idea behind all 23 orders and the spirit in which they were ordered.  Part One addressed some of the 23 executive orders.

I am going to focus on our current president's most recent Executive Orders (EO) that were issued on January 16th, 2013.  If you decide to comment, then please do not bring up past president's executive orders.  I am concerned about the here and now.  I am also of the opinion that they have been abused throughout history.

Executive Orders in and of themselves are nothing new.  However, throughout United States history, there has always been criticisms in cases where the president has over reached his authority.  The checks and balances between the three branches of the government should always be fiercely preserved in order to best represent the interests of "We the People".

The concern that you as an American citizen should have with President Obama's EOs are the spirit with which he has ordered them.  He is concerned with his own power and authority.  He has no regard for the other branches.  And that means no real concern for "We the People".

In October of 2011, President Obama in Las Vegas said, “We can’t wait for an increasingly dysfunctional Congress to do its job.  Where they won’t act, I will.”  This was in reference to using his executive authority.

He has made similar statements since then.  So, with that in mind, and by looking at Part One's concerns you begin to see why some in the media have begun to call him "King Obama".  Please ask yourselves these questions and pose them to others if you have this conversation with them:

  • Do you want a president to be able to unilaterally order your physician to ask whether or not you own a firearm?  Furthermore, do you want that response to be then recorded into a database?  
  • Do you want a president to be able to unilaterally order that your rights and private medical information, protected under HIPAA, be made available outside of the doctor-patient relationship to purchase a firearm that is already your right as a human being?  In other words, you have to trade your privacy (protected already by law) in order to purchase a weapon for self-defense (a right protected by human God-given rights).
  • Do you want a president to be able to unilaterally tell the Attorney General to start making lists of citizens who cannot own a firearm without defining exactly the classes themselves?
  • Do you want a president to be able to unilaterally mandate that full government background checks be made to return your own property when you have done nothing wrong as is the case in any CCW holder scenario where the defense of life was necessary?
  • Keeping in mind that gun violence is not a disease, do you want a president to be able to unilaterally direct the CDC to conduct studies surrounding causes and prevention of gun crime?  Keep in mind that many that work in the CDC come from academia which is traditionally more liberal than conservative.
You will notice that the word "unilaterally" is used in all of these questions.  These are all items that should be debated in Congress and voted on by your duly elected representatives.  We should also have had time to write our representatives to express our stances on these matters.  This is an abuse of power designed to cut out ourselves and our representatives from being able to influence the course of action that "We the People" want to take.  You should not stand for it.  I encourage you to write the president and your representatives to communicate your dissatisfaction with the these EOs and any other further orders or legislation.  Get involved!

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