Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gear Review: Crye Precision Rifle MagClips

First disclaimer: I am kind of a gear whore.  Second disclaimer: I am not a LEO or military.  I just happen to enjoy shooting and the benefits that I gain from learning the skill i.e. self defense.  So, this is my humble review.  In the comment section below, I would be glad to hear from those of you who use this type of equipment in your profession.  The bigger the sample size, then the better idea we have of the capabilities of a piece of equipment, tactics, etc.

I had been looking for options to mount magazine pouches to my plate carrier (PC).  I do not wear PCs on a daily basis and I do not need a lot of the extras like those in harms way do.  I tend to try and look for something that will be fairly "low profile" and minimal.  I stumbled across Crye Precision's Rifle MagClips a while back.  I decided to give them a try and placed an order at  They are sold in packs of 3.  They come in black and khaki (although there may be other colors that I am not aware of).

The MagClip is easily installed.  There is a long screw that is loosened to allow the MagClip to open up a little and fit around the magazine.  Crye Precision advertises that it is compatible with standard GI, HK, PMAG and EMAG.  I put one on a PMAG in less than 3 minutes.  There was a slight gap where the MagClip opens to wrap around the magazine.  However, the packaging did indicate that this was normal.  I set the clip up so that if I clipped it to my belt on the left side that the rounds would face front.

I clipped it to my belt and ran a few emergency reload drills to get a feel for it.  The first thing I noticed was that the bottom of the magazine sat flush with the top of my belt.  This made it a little more difficult for me to get the grip I normally achieve with my kydex pouch on my belt.  However, I am fairly confident that it would just take time to adjust to.  Also, I believe I could clamp the MagClip further towards the middle of the magazine in an attempt to give it more real estate above my belt line.  Another item worth noting was that using the MagClip on my belt made for a very low profile solution.  It hugged my body closely.

Next I attached the magazine to the MOLLE front of my Mayflower APC.  It definitely fit my requirement of being low profile.  However, I did have some minor concerns.  Mounting it through the MOLLE was kind of difficult.  If I had to do it in a tense situation, then I am not sure I could do it very quickly.  My other concern is that the tops of the magazines are completely exposed.  If I had to go prone in mud or dirt, then this may present a problem when I need to put that muddy magazine in to my carbine.  I did not run in this either.  I would not be surprised if the magazines "flapped" a little bit, but again, that is a minor concern.

So, while the MagClips did fulfill my requirement of being low profile, I am not entirely sold on the quickness of putting the magazines back on a carrier or a belt if I needed to.  If I had to do an administrative reload i.e. top off my gun, then I would not want to have to waste time trying to get my half full magazine mounted back on my carrier.  And, I as I noted earlier, the fact that the magazines are completely exposed does bother me.  I should have foreseen the exposed magazines being an issue, but I did not even think about it until I actually received them.

I think they are probably okay for a situation where you need to grab a quick spare and you cannot throw on  your rig/carrier/belt.  I do not think I will be using them as a replacement for pouches.

Have you had experience with Crye Precision MagClips?  If so, then what are your thoughts?  What other low profile options are you aware of that you like?  Thanks for reading and please share on other media if you enjoyed this page.

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