Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Illegal Immigration: No Free Rides Please

Let me state that I am the son of a legal immigrant.  My father came to the United States from Lebanon in the late 70's and went through all of the steps to become a citizen.  He taught himself English, went through college, and went on to become a pharmacist and owner of his pharmacy.  He truly pursued the American Dream and attained it.

So, knowing where my Dad emigrated from and the steps he took to achieve his goals, I think I have a little more perspective than people who have had generations of ancestors living here in the United States.  I will lay out the three main points that I think are necessary to address the current illegal immigration situation.  The Senators on Capitol Hill have come up with these items as well, but I want to address them from my point of view.

First and foremost, the border must be secured.  Without this becoming a reality anything else we do to address illegal immigration is pointless.  We will only end up back in the same situation 10 to 20 years from now if we do not.  Back during the Reagan administration, amnesty was granted to millions of illegal aliens in return for the spoken promise that the border would be secured.  It is 2013, and we now have 11 million illegals in the United States.  So much for politicians keeping promises (didn't see that one coming, right?).  As if that was not reason enough, there are terrorists crossing in from Mexico. If you do not believe that, then you need to wake up.  Hezbollah has training camps in Central and South America as I type this.  It is not far fetched to say that it is only a matter of time before cells make their way in.  I personally believe this is already happening.  If I was the enemy, then I know I would take advantage of this huge security breach.

Let's assume we do indeed secure the border.  What do we do with the 11 million that are still here illegally?  Since we are dealing with people who, by and large, are productive and want a better life for themselves I suggest granting them amnesty, but not citizenship.  The reasons for this are many.  Here are two main ones:

  • Allowing those who came illegally to be granted citizenship spits in the face of everyone who did it the right way.  How do you tell the immigrants who came legally, paid the fees and went through the process, that people who violated the law will now be granted the same citizenship that they struggled so hard to achieve? 
  • Admittedly, another reason is a political reality.  If you grant citizenship to illegals you have effectively imported, on the whole, Democratic votes.  I recognize that as a citizen you have a right to vote for who you want.  The modus operandi of Barack Obama and the socialist leaning left is to essentially "buy" votes by giving away "freebies".  And what better way to buy illegal aliens' votes than by giving them instant citizenship?  This is an abuse of government and should not be tolerated.
Being granted amnesty allows the illegal immigrant to retain their dignity and remain in our country to be productive.  This sets them on the road to citizenship.  However, this road should not be paved with gold.  In fact, it should be fairly punitive.

First and foremost, there should be deportation of any that have committed serious crimes with no exceptions.  We have enough homegrown losers in this country without taking in foreign losers.  Once it has been determined that a particular individual is not a criminal, then that person should be assessed for paying back taxes and monetary penalties.  Lastly, they must be put in the queue behind any legal immigrants already in the system.  Let me mention that the current system is terrible.  It most certainly needs to be revised and streamlined.

So to sum it up:

  • Secure the borders; no exceptions and no steps past this until it becomes a reality.
  • Grant amnesty to the current illegal immigrants.  Treat them with dignity and respect, but with justice.
  • Deport the losers, collect the taxes and monetary punitive damages due and then they are allowed to enter the newly revamped system behind the folks who are doing it the right way.
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