Wednesday, February 13, 2013

L.A.P.D. Ex-Cop Rampage: Reality Check for State and Personal Security

For the past week, Los Angeles and the surrounding area has been under virtual siege due to one man's personal vendetta against the LAPD.  I will not use his name due to the fact that he wants attention and I refuse to name him.  However, I am writing about this situation to draw attention to a larger issue.  But first some background.

Here are the basic events in the time line leading up to the current rampage.  This scumbag was fired from the LAPD a few years ago.  Apparently, he did not agree with the reason and brought the matter up before a commission.  His representation for the commission hearing was a LAPD senior officer assigned to him by the department.  The decision went against him.  He then decided that not only was the LAPD his mortal enemy, but that the representative assigned to him also had it in for him and screwed him on purpose.  He then murdered the man's daughter and her fiance.  He also released a manifesto that basically declared war on the LAPD.

From there on out the miscreant made good on his threats.  Not only that, the LAPD, federal and state officials scrambled to protect the "targets" listed in the manifesto.  A manhunt was mobilized.  In the chaos, innocent officers were shot and/or killed by this nut job.  Equally as troubling were the officers' response.  They reportedly opened fire on three civilians in two separate incidents injuring two of them!

As I write this, the man is making his last stand in a cabin in a wooded area in California.  The cabin is in flames and there are some conflicting reports on whether or not there is a charred body (presumably his) in the cabin.  Hopefully, this is the end.

So, assuming the suspect is no more, here is the final casualty count:

By the suspect:

  • 2 murdered (daughter and finace)
  • In one incident, 1 LEO shot
  • In one incident, 1 LEO shot, 1 LEO murdered
  • At the last stand, 1 LEO shot, 1 LEO dead

By LEOs:

  • 2 female paper delivery civilians shot at and injured (apparently, their vehicle matched the description???)
  • 1 civilian shot at in Torrance; truck was rammed (again, vehicle supposedly matched the description.  The man's description most certainly did not).
  • The suspect (assuming he is dead in the burnt up cabin)

There are many more details that make this case a tragic and wild story.  I will forgo those details to try and keep this short.

So, why am I writing about this?  Let me state that in no way, shape or form do I condone what this man did.  It does serve as an example for us to do a little analysis and discussion.  This should serve as a wake up call.  Yes, a wake up call on two levels.

On the national level, look at the casualties incurred by one trained man (there are some reports he may have had help from another as yet unknown).  I also partially attribute the incidents to the one man where the officers mistakenly shot at and/or injured innocents.  They would not have occurred if not for the chaos he stirred up in the first place.  Keep in mind also that he called out his targets.  So, not only was he essentially just one man, but the authorities knew who he was and what his intentions were.

Keeping the above paragraph in mind, what kind of outcome would we have seen if this had been a coordinated, unannounced attack by terror cells operating all over the country?    On a national level, is our security really up to the task?  Think about that for a moment.  Let it sink in.  What kind of scenario do you see playing out?  Keep in mind that authorities just went "toe to toe" with one known suspect with his malicious, known intentions.  As harsh as this sounds (and as much as it sickens me), the man accomplished his mission.  He killed cops and caused chaos.  One guy.  Ultimately, can the government guarantee our safety?  The answer is "no".

This brings us to the second part of what I consider a wake up call.  We are in the midst of a gun control effort that is being pushed in this country like never before.  Personal defense weapons (PDWs), 30 round clips, etc are the very same tools that law enforcement used to try and protect themselves from this lunatic.  And, at the risk of sounding harsh, they still lost people and others were injured.  Yet, you are being told that you as an individual would never have a need for that.  There is no way to guarantee that.  If law enforcement officers who have these tools (and more i.e. SWAT units, drone tech, etc) cannot guarantee their own securing of their lives, then what chance do we as individuals have against rapists, murderers and violent psychopaths?  We are being told we do not even merit the same basic PDWs that law enforcement gets.  The idea that you as an individual should not have those options is absurd on its face.  Essentially, the message is sent that your life is not worth as much as a law enforcement officer.  On a personal level, are we as individuals more or less safe if we do not have access to basic tools of self defense?

I leave you with these last few thoughts:  
  • What would happen if 50 trained people started their own personal war?  What if even 10 of those people coordinated together?
  • Would you expect that law enforcement have basic modern PDWs to combat bad guys?
  • If faced with a bad guy yourself, then would you wish you had a basic modern PDW?
  • In light of the PDW ban (I refuse to call it the AWB), is your life worth less than these brave officers?
  • Are you okay with not having access to PDWs that would increase your odds and the odds of your loved ones survival knowing that law enforcement usually show up after you or your loved ones have been raped and/or murdered?
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Thanks for reading.

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