Saturday, March 16, 2013

Range Report 3-15-2013

As I write this, it is about 40 degrees F in Kansas City.  Mother Nature is fickle in the Midwest.  Not 24 hours ago it was almost 60 degrees F and by the end of the day the high had hit 80 degrees F.  Glad I went to the range on Friday and not Saturday!

My wife came with me this time around.  The Ruger .22 pistol is her's and she had been neglecting practice.  We worked on her trigger control (not letting all the slack out in this case) and her groups were better than the last time we went together.  We did some ball and dummy drills to see if she was flinching at all.  From what I could tell she was not.

She then tried out a couple of the 9's I had brought.  It was interesting to note that her first couple shots from the 9 mm at 7 yards were dead on the X.   The following shots however were a bit more errant.  I suspect that she started anticipating the recoil.  However, I told her that she should focus on using her .22 until her groups were smaller and more consistent.  Eventually, the goal would be for her to be proficient with the 9 mm in order for her to have a good carry option.

As for my performance, it was better than my last few visits to the range.  I started out by running a couple magazines through the Ruger.  I took my time and shot for accuracy.

Both left and right groups were about 2.5 inches at 7 yards.  The middle group was from a .22 rifle that was new out of the box.  I will be sighting it in later.   
As you can see in the picture above, my goal has always been to put all my rounds in the 10 or x rings.  I accomplished that by the skin of my teeth on the right (touching the edge counts in my book).  Unfortunately, my first shot on the left was the furthest from the center.  Still, I was more consistent than I had been in the past.

I then switched to my M&P 9c.  I did not even bother keeping my first target.  It was atrocious.  My shots were all low and not even on the bull in some cases.  I was getting frustrated.  I asked my wife to run the ball and dummy drill with me for a few rounds.  Lo and behold, that did the trick to calm my flinching down.

After the ball and dummy drill, my subsequent strings of fire were much better.
In the picture above, the right bull was my ball and dummy drill.  I punched the X on my first live round.  After a few of these drills I went ahead and ran through a string of ten rounds on the left bull.  Believe me when I say that this was a much better grouping than the first target.  While there is definite room for improvement, I was encouraged to see the group shrink up.  My last group of the day was the bottom center bull.  Both groups were about 2.5 inch groups (assuming I am measuring them correctly).

All in all, not a bad day.  Hat tip goes to my friend Brad who reminded me to try using a ball and dummy drill to get that flinching under control.  I also freely admit that I have not done enough dry fire practice.  Hopefully my range trips can start becoming more frequent with better weather on the way.

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