Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Opposing Gun Control Is Common Sense

Let me break this down for you.  Whether or not a law is a good law or an onerous law is determined by the potential for it to be misused to the detriment of the law abiding.  This is the litmus test.  Now, look at the gun laws that have passed in New York.  It has already led to confiscation.  The Blaze and local New York news outlets have reported that one gentleman in particular has had his 2nd amendment rights violated.  Not only that, but they broke medical privacy laws (HIPAA laws) in order to justify the seizure!  

See link for the full story.  Note that the lawyer representing the gentleman is also representing others in the same boat (although their cases' details are not made known in the report): A FORM OF GUN CONFISCATION HAS REPORTEDLY BEGUN IN NEW YORK STATE — HERE’S THE JUSTIFICATION BEING USED

Pretty outrageous, to say the least!  And just as I predicted in my post "President Obama's Executive Orders On January 16th, 2013: Why You Should Be Concerned Part One", HIPAA laws which protect your privacy are now being violated in order for jack booted thugs to take your guns.  The exact scenario I laid out in the post is what has happened to this gentleman.  He happened to be on some anti-depressants at one point in his life and no longer uses them.  Who knows how many others are out there who either have not been able to afford a lawyer or have been too afraid to come forward and fight for their rights?

So, you tell me, what does the litmus test tell you about the NY SAFE Act?  Keep in mind that the people who passed this law are cut from the same cloth that the statists in Washington are.  If you punish the law abiding with draconian gun laws, then it is only "common sense" for us to oppose it.

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