Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Across the Pond: The British Are Reaping What They Have Sown With Their Gun Control Laws

I do not like normally looking at other country's gun laws.  Everyone always tries to point to Australia, Europe, etc to bolster their argument for what gun control should be like here in the United States.  Truly, there is no one size fits all solution to fighting evil.  There simply is too much disparity in culture, qualifiers for crime statistics, socio-economic dynamics, etc to make a viable comparison.  Please read the the following article:

British police say armed patrols in place for 'foreseeable future' to deter violence

There are a few points I would like to make in regards to this article:

"The violence has left law-abiding families so terrified they welcome the patrols..."

First, even in America, we do not have our officers patrol on foot armed with rifles and grenade launchers in gang land.  That is just ridiculous.  The police cannot be everywhere at once 24/7.  There were some comments made in the Comments Section below the linked article that basically alluded to the fact that "they were becoming more like the United States" because of this.  No, trust me, even here in the fantastical "Wild West" that foreigners have in their head, we do not have our officers armed to the teeth to do foot patrols.

"The show of force is designed to calm residents of an estate plagued by gang shootings."

Second, these people clearly felt helpless to do anything about the violence in their neighborhood.  Even more disturbing was the acceptance of the armed presence as a fact of life.  Look, I get it, the culture is different in Britain.  But I can tell you right now that having a means to defend yourself and your family goes a long way to promoting your own self reliance and independence.  Dependency on government or anyone else to come save you in a life and death situation is ignorance of reality.  As I have highlighted in past DGUs:  You, and only you, are the first line of defense when faced with mortal threat.

Third, the fact that gangs have access and are using firearms should not be surprising.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  This is especially true for those who willfully choose to break the law.  British gun control for these two Luton estates is a failed experiment.  The only result is that the law abiding have no recourse with which to defend themselves and their community from the "threat of a 'marauding' terror attack".  They now must rely on a most likely slow and too late police response.

"Bedfordshire Police have also invoked Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, allowing them to stop and search without suspicion [probable cause]."

Lastly, because of the inevitable failure of gun control, Brits have to submit to their privacy being violated in an attempt to curb the violence that gun control was meant to end.  Obviously, Americans have the 4th amendment to protect them from such acts.  But, then again, in some states such as New York, these rights are starting to be eroded as well..  Is it a coincidence that these states have some of the most restrictive laws on the books in regards to the Second Amendment?

It is a universal truth and has been repeated through out history that the amount of liberty a society has is directly proportional to the sovereignty of the citizens' right to keep and bear arms.  The loss of liberty may be a gradual decline or lost in a quick, brutal crackdown.  But in the end, regulating the right to keep and bear arms inexorably leads to liberty shrinking and crime and tyranny rising.

UPDATE: After I wrote this blog post, the terror attack involving a British soldier being hacked and slashed to death in broad daylight occurred.  I won't be writing about that due to the overwhelming coverage already, but it is yet another example of how Britain's general law abiding citizens have no options to protect themselves.

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