Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DGU of the Day: Homeowner Fends Off Armed Attacker Who Tried to Force His Way In

In light of Memorial Day, and remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms enshrined in the Bill or Rights, I find it frustrating that there are those out there who would try and revoke those freedoms under the guise of "reasonable" gun control laws.  I doubt the homeowner in the following story would agree with "common sense" gun control as it is currently being proposed:

Union home invasion ends with intruder killed

Think the homeowner thought seven rounds (a la New York) are all he would want when someone tried to break down the door?  If he did before, then I highly doubt it after this experience.  Reminds me of the statement: "You only know how many rounds you need AFTER the gunfight."

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