Tuesday, June 18, 2013

8th Grader Could Face Jail Time For Having His First Amendment Rights Violated

File this one under "Just when you think it can't get anymore ridiculous"....

8th grader who wore NRA shirt faces year in jail--for talking

I had read about this story back in April, but apparently it has taken a turn for the worse.  In what bizarro world do we live in where a) a teacher can harass a student because they personally find something offensive based on their political beliefs and b) a child is charged with "obstruction of an officer" for exercising his First Amendment rights?

Sadly, the idea that the teacher started harassing this student is not surprising.  Our public school system is basically a progressive Indoc (indoctrination) course for our children for everything from how to have safe sex to denying that their is no natural right to keep and bear arms for self defense.  Progressives have been smart in their tactics.  By demonizing even the mere thought or mention of a gun they ingrain in our children's minds that guns are inherently evil.  Of course, this is absurd.  We know that a gun is a tool that is used for good or evil.  The gun itself has no intrinsic moral value.

The "obstruction of the officer" charge is also outrageous.  As the author of the blog post in the Examiner points out, if the officer really was obstructed by the mere speech of the boy, then perhaps the officer is not qualified for the job.  That aside, what is really going on here?  I can only construe it as a way of punishing the child for being pro-NRA.  It was acknowledged that he had not violated school policy and had not made any kind of threat.  Again, we see the demonization of anything even remotely related to firearms, this time by  our elected officials, not to mention a clear disregard for the First Amendment.

As Matt Bracken likes to put it: "Welcome to the USSA, comrades."

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