Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Are We Approaching A Critical Mass Of Tyranny?

It is appearing that conspiracy theorists have been vindicated in the past few weeks.  Our lawmakers have been fancying themselves our masters.  Benghazi.  The IRS targeting specific groups to make their lives harder.  Tapping the Associated Press (AP) phone lines.  And now the revelation of the phone record gathering and the NSA's program called PRISM that records every bit of information including private messages, surfing habits, transactions, etc. in the new digital age.

All of these are rightly considered scandals.  Of these, I would like to direct your attention to the latest:  The capabilities of the NSA.  I have a friend who used a phrase attributed to Lincoln:  "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."  And there in lies the rub of the issue:  We are fast becoming a police state where our freedom and right to privacy is quickly being traded for an illusion of security.  And, make no mistake, it is an illusion. No government organization can guarantee our safety.  The Boston Bombing and hundreds of murders daily confirm that (among other violent crime).  I am fond of saying that we are our own first responders because it rings true in most cases.

The NSA revelations combined with the other scandals mentioned begs the question:  Are we fast approaching a tyrannical police state?  Some would argue that we have quietly arrived via a slow burning of the Constitution (i.e. death by a thousand cuts).  I would tend to agree.  The fact that it has come this far and been acknowledged should be evidence enough of our arrival at a new era of statism.

What, then, is the answer?  Use the ballot box.  Vote in primaries for strong conservatives and libertarians.  Mitt Romney was a good man, but was not as conservative as you would be led to believe by his campaign staff.  We need strong leadership to turn this around.  Currently, both parties are woefully inadequate.  Democrats and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) together have ran our country into the ground at a break neck pace for the past 10-15 years.  Ted Cruz is a good model on what the country needs (obviously, I am very conservative).  "Compromise" on the behalf of RINOs working together with Democrats (i.e. giving in to Democratic demands without anything in return) has led us to where we are currently.

If you think that you, Dear Reader, or I are off the hook for the blame, then think again.  Complacency of We The People is partially to blame for where we are at as a nation.  Write your current leaders and hammer them on these issues. Go to demonstrations and show that you are angry!  Frankly, there should be outrage by every single American over these issues especially the NSA's gross intrusion into our personal lives.

We must use every means necessary via the political process to turn this around.  Do not neglect your state legislation either.  In some ways, they are all that stands between you and a tyrannical federal government running unchecked.  Contact your lawmakers, attend rallies and protests and use the ballot box. If we do this, then we increase the chances of future generations not having to use the cartridge box instead.

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