Tuesday, June 18, 2013

DGU of the Day: Delivery Driver Saves His Own Life

This delivery driver saved his own life by carrying his pistol with him while making deliveries:

Delivery driver says he was carrying gun when 5 tried to rob him

There were five guys (burger and fries) waiting for him. What is that noise about limiting magazine capacity again?  This gentleman would have been hard pressed against five attackers without the ridiculous restrictions our overlords are trying to impose on us.  This is why everyone has a right to choose what is best for them when it comes to self defense.  Most politicians live in a fantasy land.  Oh, and they have body guards to cover their behinds.  The unwashed masses do not.

"Police said drivers should not take the law into their own hands but avoid anything dangerous."  These clowns are basically insinuating that had the delivery man been attacked that he should have laid down and took it like a champ.  This is the attitude some police departments (not all) have about your natural right to self defense.  Remember:  The police come to draw the chalk around your dead body.  They do not come to save the day like Batman right before the thugs jump you.

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