Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DGU of the Day: Attempted Intruder Shot Dead

Apparently, this intruder was high as a kite.

Attempted Intruder Shot Dead By 17-Year-Old

I feel bad for the 17 year old and for the deceased.  However, what else are you supposed to assume when someone is trying to break into your home and acting like a nut job?  Unfortunately, in this day and age, you have to assume the worst or you (or your homies) might be the one lying in chalk.  Certainly, with the way the intruder was acting, I would fear for my safety as well as everyone else in the house.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another Person Finds Joy In Making Loud Noises

Hooked another one.

Conversation topics with friends over the past few months have frequently turned to the Second Amendment and guns in general.  I extended the invite to come out to the firing line in the spirit of fostering some of my friends understanding around the 2A and firearms.  I had one friend who had never shot before take me up on the offer.

We arrived at the pistol range and went over the 4 Rules of Firearms Safety.  I then demonstrated how the Ruger SR22 operated and shot a string of ten rounds so that he could see it in action.  I then sat down the pistol and it was go time.  My friend stepped up to the firing line.

I think we have a winner.

Ten shots at 7 yards.  10 out of 10 in the red (a little blurry, sorry, but all ten are there).  Yikes, we may have created a monster!

My buddy had a blast and was definitely down for coming out again and shooting.  I told him that if he ever decided he wanted to make his first purchase that I would be more than happy to come with him.  No matter where you land on the 2A and gun rights, it can be really hard to deny the fact that shooting is just plain fun.

Have you done something similar in an effort to spread knowledge about firearms and the 2A?  Did your buddies have a good time?  Share your stories in the comments below.

Monday, July 29, 2013

DGU of the Day: Councilman Applauds Case of Self Defense

There are still some folks in government with common sense:

Cleveland man shoots intruder holding fiancée at gunpoint; Resident applauded by councilman

The councilman is right.  This guy is a hero.  He did what was needed to in order to save his family.  This could have turned out very differently had the man not had an equal footing when defending his own.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Range Report: 7-19-13

I found an indoor pistol range near my home.  They actually allow you to fire quicker than the Missouri Department of Conservation's one round per three seconds policy (infuriating).  Most of my shooting was done at 7 yards.  However, I finished up at 15 yards.

Well, I kept them on the silhouette!  This was done in strings of 10 concentrating on the fundamentals.  I had another one at 15 where I practiced placing my first shots as quickly as possible.  I had two that were off the silhouette.  Of course, that is unacceptable.  I want to be sure of hitting my target on the first shot every time.  Center mass or head shots preferably for obvious reasons.

What kind of drills do you run at the range?  Do you have any good drills that focus on an accurate and quick first shot?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DGU of the Day: Man is Released From Jail, Immediately Attacks Wife

This is just sad.

Wife Killed Husband in Self-Defense

I am glad the woman did what she had to do to protect herself and her cubs.  Laws by themselves will not protect you when someone is beating down the door to get at you.  You, and only you, can prevent your life from being taken.  The police will not magically appear when you are in imminent danger.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Need your feedback: What do you want more of? Less of?

I have been trying to cover a wide variety of topics over the past few months.  However, I wanted to hear from you all about what topics you have enjoyed and the topics you may not have cared about.  I want to ensure that I am focusing on posts that you want to read.  So, more gear reviews?  Less political commentary?  Too many DGUs?

Please let me know in the comments below.  My readership is fairly small, but I want to cater to those of you who do stop in (which, admittedly, may be hardly anyone).

DGU of the Day: Florida Man Foils Home Invasion

I had a laid back weekend.  And since it was laid back, I did not get around to a gear review like I wanted.  I will hopefully have one up by next week on the YouTube channel.  I will post it next Monday (assuming I get it done!).  So, instead, I leave you today with some video footage of a DGU.

This guy understands what it takes to protect his family.  And it all worked out without a loss of life.  I would say that is a win-win.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

DGU of the Day: Thieves Get More Copper Than They Wanted

A business owner had been broken into in the past several times.  This time he caught them in the act and they decided to attack him.

Sheriff: Man Shot Alleged Burglar in Self Defense

Not much to say here.  Thieves are sometimes brazen and will not simply run off if you get the drop on them.  Just another reason why it makes good sense to have a way to defend yourself even on your business property.

[h/t NC Gun Blog]

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Range Report 7-13-13

Got out to the range with a buddy on Saturday morning.  I posted a first grouping that was on par with my best from previous trips.  And then I finally got it together:

My group is on the right bull.  Ready to finally move out to 15 yards next time.

I made one minor adjustment that seemed to help a bit more.  I realized I was inclining my neck down instead of bringing the pistol to my natural eye level.  I had read somewhere that this would cause issues.  It seemed to have helped as you can see.  My subsequent groups were not quite as tight, but darn near.  I think I will shoot out to the 15 yard line at the end of my next session.

And in case you are wondering, my buddy's group is on the left.  He is still learning the fundamentals of pistol shooting, but he improved in one day which was very encouraging to see after I gave him some instruction.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DGU of the Day: Marine Vet Stops Carjacker

This Marine was able to stop the carjacker without firing a shot.

Marine Vet Stops Carjacker

I am glad there was no loss of life.  However, I still am unclear on why the Marine did not take the shot when the perp kept trying to jack those cars and threaten the victims.  Maybe it was too risky of a shot with the victims so close and they were not in imminent danger.  He made the right call if that was the case.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Gear Review: Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe

The Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe has been an outstanding inside the waistband (IWB) holster as part of my every day carry system.  If you are looking for something other than an all Kydex holster, then Crossbreed is your solution.  Please Like and Share the video after watching.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

DGU of the Day: Hatchet Wielding Home Invader Stopped by Resident

Looks like another person was able to successfully fend off an attack.

Hatchet Wielding Home Invader Stopped by Resident

Some people may not be aware, but the minimum distance you should ever let anyone get to you in a life or death situation is approximately 7 yards when defending yourself with a gun.  A person can cross that distance in literally about a second and can really tear you up if they have an edged weapon.  Do not EVER let an assailant get closer than that.

[h/t Guns Save Lives]

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Always Take the Moral High Ground

Today's blog post is a bit more philosophical.  Every so often, I try and take a step back from politics, culture and life in general and do a self assessment.  What I have found is that it can be very easy to get swept away and get into the "herd mentality".

This "herd mentality" generally involves vilifying the opposition and building them up in one's mind as monsters.  I, unfortunately, have caught myself doing this as of late.  I read about stories of Muslim extremism/terrorism and my quick temper makes me want to group ALL people of Muslim faith in with the lunatics and murderers hoping that they get what's coming to them.  "But, they are the enemy!", I hear you cry.  The actions of those murdering are indeed not on our side.  But consider that some Muslims do convert and reject their faith at great risk to their lives.  How many more would convert if they did not have to fear being murdered?  Therefore, I feel it is imperative to take the moral high ground and show mercy as often as possible.  Yes, we need to root out the violent offenders (which is easier said than done), but we also need to embrace the rest who may just be looking for another way.  Deep down, every human being wants a better life.  Sharia Law does not allow for that to happen under the pain of death.

Another group of folks that we must take the high ground with is the anti-2A crowd.  The anti-2A crowd is known for using emotions and ignoring facts.  They twist situations heralding them as being "factual" evidence in order to support gun control.  I have a lot of casual friends who are anti-2A.  Instead of beating them up over their beliefs I have offered to take them out shooting.  And, they are interested in going!  My father always has contended that "you attract more flies with honey than sh*t."  And you know what?   He's right.

So my main thrust of this post is to encourage you all to approach the opposition with a spirit of "love of neighbor."  This attitude is painted as being weak in our modern culture, but I contend that it will bridge more gaps and do more good than being nasty and offensive to each other.  Always take the moral high ground and abide by the Golden Rule:  "Treat others as you would want to be treated (especially your enemies)."  You might just set an example and win them over closer to your side.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book Review: "George Washington: The Crossing" by Jack Levin

I finished reading  "George Washington: The Crossing" by Jack Levin over Independence Day weekend.  It gives a short historical account of the events leading up to and including the Battle of Trenton.  I love U.S. history, and in particular, the stories that have been told coming out of the wars we have been involved in.  The sacrifice and tales of heroism are always inspiring to me.

There really is nothing negative I have to say about this book.  The artwork is fantastic, along with the historical documents, and the writing is concise and accurate.  There was even an interesting technique the author used.  George Washington's own quotes were printed in red unlike the rest of the book which was in black.  I thought that was a nice touch.  It drew your attention to when Washington himself actually "spoke" in the story.

If you love U.S. history, then I consider this book a must have.  It lends itself to children with the artwork and, at 64 pages long, is short enough that in one or two nights you can finish the book and really discuss with your little ones an important part of our United States history.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Gear Review: Original SOE Mini Tear Away IFAK


After going through a couple different first aid kit pouches and not liking how they opened or carried on my gear, I finally settled on Original SOE's Mini Tear Away IFAK.  Watch the video above for my take on it.  I did not get into the actual specs since that can be seen out on Original SOE's website.  Do me a favor and "Like" the video if you watch it and please "Share" it on your social media if you would.  It really helps with the visibility of the video when you do so.  Feel free to comment either here or on YouTube.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Iraq War Vet Rips the New York SAFE Act

Apparently, this has been out for a while, but I just stumbled on it over at The Truth About Guns:

I have to say, it is refreshing to see someone with some fire behind his convictions.  And, frankly, he is spot on in what he said.  The fighting and sacrificing our veterans have made since 1776 will have been for naught if we start giving up our freedoms for temporary security.  Evil can only be stopped by those with the conviction and the means (i.e. our unalienable rights) to meet it head on.  In the case of firearms, bad people with guns are stopped usually by good people with guns.  Otherwise, you have situations like in the U.K. where the citizenry must rely on others to come and save them.

Happy 4th of July!

Hope you all have a safe and fun 4th of July!  Keep fighting the good fight so that there will be many more Independence Days worth celebrating for future generations.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pistol Drills For When Your Options Are Limited

I have run into a bit of a dilemma.  The range that I frequent the most does not allow for rapid fire or drawing from a holster.  In fact, a lot of the ranges in my area do not.  So, I have been forced to make do until I can secure a location or a range that will allow me to practice everything that I have been taught at pistol training courses.

I have a sneaking suspicion that others at one time or another have found themselves in this position.  I hope it is not as often as it seems to be for myself.  I wanted to share some drills that you can still run at ranges with strict rules.  Here is what I have been doing outside of the fundamentals of sight alignment, trigger control, breathing, etc.

The Ball and Dummy Drill

I have heard that Larry Vickers made this drill popular with others.  The Ball and Dummy Drill is a good way to diagnose and fix any kind of flinching that may be occurring during your firing cycle.  With your back turned away, have your partner either load or not load a magazine with one round.  The partner will then load the gun without you knowing whether or not a round is chambered.  Once this is done, have your partner watch for any flinching that may occur.  Sometimes your partner may miss a flinch when you know that you did indeed flinch.  Do not game this!  If you flinch, perform ten good dry fire drills.  Repeat as necessary.  If you do not have a partner, then my suggestion is to load two out of five mags or so with one round, close your eyes, and pick one at random and load the magazine without looking.  Be sure to load the pistol on an open battery.  If you try to sling shot it on an already empty mag, the slide will stay locked open and you will ruin the surprise!

Immediate Action Drill

This is a malfunction clearance drill.  I refer to it, as do many others, as Tap Rack Bang.  To set up this drill, load your magazine with 7 live rounds and 3 dummy rounds.  I like to use the dummy rounds from ST Action Pro as they are easy to see if you are on a range that has grass or some vegetation.  Do not load dummy rounds consecutively.  I also recommend to not make the last round in a magazine a dummy round.  Speaking of which, this works best if you have a partner load them for you.  Once the magazine has been loaded, start your string of fire.  When you do not get a "BANG!" from your pistol, immediately (hence, "Immediate Action") smack the bottom of the magazine firmly in order to ensure it is seated, rack the slide to eject the bad round and continue firing.  Note that this is also a good tool to identify any flinching during firing.  If you flinched during the course of fire, then at the end of the magazine stop and perform 10 good dry fire drills.  Another tip:  On occasion, reverse the ratio of rounds so that there are 7 dummy rounds and 3 live rounds.  This will allow you to practice your dry firing more if needed.  It will also illustrate the inherent accuracy of not flinching when a round does go off (surprise!).

Quick First Shot Drill

How's that for a drill name?  :)  Since I am unable to draw my pistol from the holster at the range I frequent I try and do the next best thing.  I start the drill by holding the pistol in what some call the "meet and greet" position.  The "meet and greet" is the point in your draw where both hands have come together to support the pistol and all that is left is for full extension.  I then punch out the pistol and, as quickly as possible while maintaining combat accuracy, take my first shot.  Since I am not allowed to shoot controlled pairs, I simply focus on my front sight coming back down on the target and then return to the start position.  As always, if I find that I have flinched, I stop what I am doing and perform 10 good dry fire drills.

There you have it.  Those are three of the drills that I run outside of the normal fundamentals when my options are limited.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, then please feel free to share any drills that you run in the comments below.  Hopefully, I can run any drills you post without the Range Nazis Officers having a cow.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I have been reading and listening to TV pundits, friends and relatives all spout off their opinion of Ed Snowden.  The man has his own entry on Wikipedia for those of you living under a rock.  His situation raises some serious questions: Where is the line between "whistleblowing" and violating the law?  Is his continued evasion of the United States the actions of a traitor or someone who knows he will be persecuted for coming forward with the truth of our rights being violated?

When actions violate the rule of law, namely our Constitution, it is incumbent on those who swore to uphold the Constitution to call attention to it.  Some say that Ed Snowden is a traitor for letting the public know about PRISM.  Let us assume that PRISM is real and not a red herring or a hoax as some folks contend.  It is my understanding that Snowden would have taken two oaths and, when put in a rock and a hard place, chose to uphold the greater of the two.  What he did initially was good and right (note the emphasis).  In my interpretation, by blowing the whistle on the absurd practice of using a dragnet to collect all of our information, Snowden brought to light a practice that can be argued violates the 4th amendment.  The interpretation of how the 4th is to be applied in the digital age is a matter that will surely come up sooner rather than later in light of this scandal.  I would just like to point out that the 4th amendment protects people's "papers" as well as themselves, property, etc.  Today's "papers" are the emails, electronic documents and recordings we use.  Just because they are housed by third parties on servers does not mean they are any less ours!  But I digress.

Frankly, I think many of us suspected that our government might being doing this.  It sure confirmed a lot of conspiracy theories, to say the least.  Tin foilers everywhere have been vindicated.  Unfortunately, things are not turning out to be as clear cut as they did initially.

Listen to the story of Vincent Cefalu on the Mike Huckabee Show (6-14-2013).  Vince is an ATF agent who blew the whistle on Fast and Furious.  His life has been turned upside down for doing the right thing.  

Most whistleblowers stay in the U.S. even at great cost to their personal lives.  Snowden has not stayed in the U.S.  After hearing Vince's story, I cannot say that I blame Snowden for initially putting some distance between him and the NSA.  However, the longer he stays in countries that are at best "frenemies", the worse it reflects on his intentions.  Furthermore, the fact that he claims that he has the technical data on many other items is disturbing.  It is looking more and more like he is now treading on dangerous ground.  I waited on blogging on this topic for exactly this reason:  I wanted to see what he was going to do in the aftermath.  I do not know if Snowden has crossed a line yet.  What I do know is that releasing sensitive material that does not violate our rights and that harms the United States interests is not the way to win the battle.  I applaud Snowden for his whistleblowing, but he needs to come back to the U.S. and fight the battle here, not amongst others that do not have our best interest at heart.

Monday, July 1, 2013

DGU of the Day: Nothing To See Here, Just Another Home Invasion Involving Multiple Gunmen

The more research and DGUs that I find, the more I have come to realize that either anti-2A folks are either a) ignorant of the facts, b) just do not care, or c) both:

Multiple Suspect Home Invasion Defended Against By Homeowner

Again, how does anyone expect someone to fight off multiple gunmen when the laws limit one of the most common personal defense weapon, the carbine (AR-15, AK, etc), and the standard capacity that comes with it?  Even pistols are handicapped by the magazine limits that are proposed.