Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Always Take the Moral High Ground

Today's blog post is a bit more philosophical.  Every so often, I try and take a step back from politics, culture and life in general and do a self assessment.  What I have found is that it can be very easy to get swept away and get into the "herd mentality".

This "herd mentality" generally involves vilifying the opposition and building them up in one's mind as monsters.  I, unfortunately, have caught myself doing this as of late.  I read about stories of Muslim extremism/terrorism and my quick temper makes me want to group ALL people of Muslim faith in with the lunatics and murderers hoping that they get what's coming to them.  "But, they are the enemy!", I hear you cry.  The actions of those murdering are indeed not on our side.  But consider that some Muslims do convert and reject their faith at great risk to their lives.  How many more would convert if they did not have to fear being murdered?  Therefore, I feel it is imperative to take the moral high ground and show mercy as often as possible.  Yes, we need to root out the violent offenders (which is easier said than done), but we also need to embrace the rest who may just be looking for another way.  Deep down, every human being wants a better life.  Sharia Law does not allow for that to happen under the pain of death.

Another group of folks that we must take the high ground with is the anti-2A crowd.  The anti-2A crowd is known for using emotions and ignoring facts.  They twist situations heralding them as being "factual" evidence in order to support gun control.  I have a lot of casual friends who are anti-2A.  Instead of beating them up over their beliefs I have offered to take them out shooting.  And, they are interested in going!  My father always has contended that "you attract more flies with honey than sh*t."  And you know what?   He's right.

So my main thrust of this post is to encourage you all to approach the opposition with a spirit of "love of neighbor."  This attitude is painted as being weak in our modern culture, but I contend that it will bridge more gaps and do more good than being nasty and offensive to each other.  Always take the moral high ground and abide by the Golden Rule:  "Treat others as you would want to be treated (especially your enemies)."  You might just set an example and win them over closer to your side.


  1. Definitely difficult to do. Especially when you're really passionate about a certain issue. I will say that it's worth a sincere effort though. I'm trying to incorporate this way of thinking in my life. Sometimes I have to catch myself when I start getting angry, but I've gotten much better over the years.

    1. Yeah, I've been trying to dial it back as well and word my side in a positive way. All we can do is keep trying to improve.