Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another Person Finds Joy In Making Loud Noises

Hooked another one.

Conversation topics with friends over the past few months have frequently turned to the Second Amendment and guns in general.  I extended the invite to come out to the firing line in the spirit of fostering some of my friends understanding around the 2A and firearms.  I had one friend who had never shot before take me up on the offer.

We arrived at the pistol range and went over the 4 Rules of Firearms Safety.  I then demonstrated how the Ruger SR22 operated and shot a string of ten rounds so that he could see it in action.  I then sat down the pistol and it was go time.  My friend stepped up to the firing line.

I think we have a winner.

Ten shots at 7 yards.  10 out of 10 in the red (a little blurry, sorry, but all ten are there).  Yikes, we may have created a monster!

My buddy had a blast and was definitely down for coming out again and shooting.  I told him that if he ever decided he wanted to make his first purchase that I would be more than happy to come with him.  No matter where you land on the 2A and gun rights, it can be really hard to deny the fact that shooting is just plain fun.

Have you done something similar in an effort to spread knowledge about firearms and the 2A?  Did your buddies have a good time?  Share your stories in the comments below.

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