Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Range Report 7-13-13

Got out to the range with a buddy on Saturday morning.  I posted a first grouping that was on par with my best from previous trips.  And then I finally got it together:

My group is on the right bull.  Ready to finally move out to 15 yards next time.

I made one minor adjustment that seemed to help a bit more.  I realized I was inclining my neck down instead of bringing the pistol to my natural eye level.  I had read somewhere that this would cause issues.  It seemed to have helped as you can see.  My subsequent groups were not quite as tight, but darn near.  I think I will shoot out to the 15 yard line at the end of my next session.

And in case you are wondering, my buddy's group is on the left.  He is still learning the fundamentals of pistol shooting, but he improved in one day which was very encouraging to see after I gave him some instruction.

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