Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Range Report: Combat/Defensive Pistol Drills 8-2-2013

I decided it was time to start running some drills that would focus on combat/defensive skills in addition to pure marksmanship.   On Friday I laid out an actual plan to work on certain drills.

As usual, I started off with focusing on the fundamentals.  My groupings were decent.  I barely threw one off of the silhouette on the second string of ten rounds.

I then worked on my first shot from the low ready.  The idea is to get my first round on target as fast as possible while still maintaining combat accuracy.  My center mass shots were fine.  However, I threw three shots off the silhouette when aiming for the head.  This indicates that I need to slow down when trying to put my shots in an area that size.  Dialing it back and not rushing the shot should resolve that issue.  It is always a balancing act between speed and accuracy.

Now it was time for controlled pairs and incorporating a speed reload.  To setup the drill, I loaded the pistol with two rounds and the reload with four rounds.  Then, from the low ready, I fired a controlled pair.  The pistol's slide locked back.  I executed a speed reload and then fired another controlled pair.  That was the end of the drill.  To set up again, I made sure I had a reload that had four rounds.  I was ready to then do the drill again.  I kept all 20 rounds center mass.  As a side note, I was always taught that controlled pairs are not the same as a double tap or hammer.  Double taps and hammers are much faster where as controlled pairs are simply two shots regardless of the speed with which they are executed.

I then slowed it down by firing ten slow shots at the head to reinforce the marksmanship fundamentals.

Next up, I practiced taking head shots at 15 yards not rushing and focusing on the fundamentals.  I blew it a couple times.  My grip tension was probably off which caused the two shots to the left of the head.  I will have to focus on that in future practice sessions.  I wrapped up the session by shooting ten shots with just my right hand and shooting ten shots with just my left hand.  The recoil is definitely more evident without a support hand and takes some getting used to.  However, I kept all my shots on the silhouette (barely!).

Do you go to the range with a certain goal in mind?  If so, what kinds of aspects of your training do you tend to focus on the most?  What about those aspects of your training that you tend to neglect?  Comment below and tell me what you normally do to stay effective with your combat/defensive pistol skills

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