Monday, September 23, 2013

DGU of the Day: Pregnant Woman Fends Off Two Burglars

A once reluctant woman realizes the value of having a gun in the home for defense.

Pregnant woman shoots at two men breaking into home

Just a couple of points I'd like to make on this one.

First, people become "true believers" once they are faced with a situation where they need a gun to defend themselves.  The fortunate ones are those who actually had the forethought to obtain one.  You can imagine what happens to those who decided that "guns are evil".

Second, the lady states that she did not want to shoot the men and that she shot the truck to aid in identifying the truck.  Frankly, this was not a smart move.  This is akin to taking Crazy Uncle Joe Biden's advice and firing your shotgun into the air to scare away intruders.  If the situation is serious enough for you to draw your weapon, then it is serious enough that you need to stop your assailant, so you better be aiming accordingly.  Otherwise, you may find yourself being charged with violating the law in some states.  Food for thought: Hypothetically, who's to say they didn't have their own weapon in the truck and come back to take her out?

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