Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beans, Band Aids, and Bullets

Lately, I have been dialing back on the amassing of items and focusing more on skills and physical training which cost me nothing (or close to nothing).  However, it still is a good idea to maintain and slowly add to what a lot of people refer to as "Beans, Band Aids, and Bullets".  Food and water, first aid/medical and the ability and supplies to protect your self and loved ones is high on the list when securing for the future.  I am not necessarily paranoid, but I am unfortunately pessimistic about the future of our economy.  So, I find that investing in extras in these categories to be prudent.  If the value of our dollar was to drop, or if our jobs were cut, then at least we would have the peace of mind that we still had a supply to fall back on.  Barring that, we would eventually work our way through these supplies at some point in our lives so it is not a waste.

I keep a running list of items in these categories and try to make it a point to stock up on items in each category that we may not have or that are lowest in quantity.  For example, I have identified the following for next month:

  • Protection - 9 mm Speer Gold Dot (100) rounds
    • Note, there's a news story about the last lead ore smelter shutting down due to what amounts to extortion by the EPA.  It might be time to make a bigger than normal purchase to hedge against unavailability/high prices.
  • Food -  Beans, Mylar Bags and Desiccant Packs
    • Giving this a try for the first time.  We are big bean eaters so there's no worry of this going to waste.  Also, they last literally for years if done correctly.
  • Water - Bottled Water (5 cases)
    • Easy pick up at Sam's Club.  We go through this quite a bit, surprisingly.
  • First Aid - Rolled Gauze, Moleskin
    • Don't have either of these items.  Any suggestions where to get a good deal on bulk purchases?
Do you all do something similar?  Do you have a method to your "prepping" madness?  Comment below and let me know.  Thanks for reading.

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