Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DGU of the Day: Senior Uses Appropriate Use of Force

What a low life.  First, he doesn't control his own dog and then attacks the senior when she uses an appropriate response.

Pendleton skateboarder charged with assault

This lady showed a very good understanding of a level of force.  Pepper spraying a dog is appropriate when it is aggressive and the owner is a douche bag.  The scumbag attacks the lady for stopping his dog from biting her.  She then pulls the gun out.

My only quibble is that she fired a "warning shot".  Not sure if that's how she described it to officers or if that's the paper's way of reporting it.  However, never fire a "warning shot".   If it's serious enough to pull the gun out and pull the trigger, then you better being aiming for center mass.  Legally, you can get slapped with discharging a weapon charge since your intention wasn't to defend, but to "warn".  In other words, don't take Crazy Joe Biden's advice.

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