Thursday, October 3, 2013

DGU of the Day: Homeowner Emerges Victorius

This homeowner prevailed in a gunfight for his life.

Munhall Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder

Three things jumped out at me.  First, was the fact that there were multiple burglars who were both armed.  Luckily for the homeowner the lookout took off running.  If both had engaged, then can anyone imagine a scenario where the homeowner would need as much ammo capacity as possible?  I know I could.  Hell, I would want it even if one guy was coming at me.

Second, the gunfight spilled into the alley.  This tells me that there was some movement during the fight.  A lot of training at different instructor courses involves movement and firing.  Now you see why.  Always keep moving in a gunfight if possible.  It is much harder for you to be hit.  Sounds obvious, but a lot of folks only train at a range.  It gets ingrained into their mind to square up and take the shot and never move.  My suggestion would be to practice this dry if you cannot find a range that allows movement and live fire.  It would also benefit you to get quality instruction first to make sure you're not making mistakes that could kill you.

Lastly, the dead perp was shot multiple times while the homeowner came out unharmed.  Some of this is luck.  But, it's clear that the homeowner knew how to use his weapon effectively.  Train, train, train!

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