Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Range Report 10-19-13: Accuracy Session

For this trip I decided to focus on more drills for accuracy rather than speed/combat style drills.

Slow shots for accuracy at 3 yds

My shots were grouped very well.  You can see that I had a couple fliers on the center mass grouping (first shots).There was a slight bias to the left, but not nearly as bad as towards the end of my last session.  Also, when I thew the couple shots I immediately stopped and unloaded the pistol.  I then performed ten good dry fires to help reinforce proper trigger manipulation.

Ball and Dummy Drills at 3 yds
At the suggestion of some of the good folks at m4carbine.net, I loaded up two dummy rounds along with 8 live rounds for the next drill.  Again, groupings were fairly good, but when I did foul up, the rounds went low and to the left.  And, the telling part of this drill was when I would encounter a dummy round.  I was indeed flinching slightly.  Nothing major, but obviously enough to tell the tale of why my shots sometimes went down and left.  More dry fire at home is definitely in order.  And more accuracy drills at the range.

Slower than normal controlled pairs at 3 yds
Here is the result of speeding up.  As you can see, my groups opened up when trying to speed up my shots.  I did focus more on accuracy than speed for this.  Still, the head grouping was larger than I would like.  The good news is that I did not throw one off the silhouette.  This was my only drill that could loosely be called a "combat" style drill as I was not going for pure accuracy.

Slow accurate fire at 5 yds
I decided to push the target out to 5 yds and again work on accuracy.  What a difference 2 yds makes.  Not only did my groups open up (which is to be expected, I suppose), but the left and low bias was more pronounced.  Still, I kept it all on the silhouette.  I maybe should have quit at this point to not reinforce bad trigger habits.  I decided to reel it back in for one handed shots to change it up.

One handed right (top 7 point of aim), one handed left (bottom 7 point of aim) at 3 yds

This was the same target from the last picture just so that there is no confusion.  My one handed shots were not terrible considering I don't spend a lot of trigger time using just one hand

Slow accurate fire at 3 yds (14 round grouping)
 At this point I had 14 rounds left so I decided to throw up my last clean target and end my day on a good note.  As you can see, the grouping was pretty good, but there were three shots low and to the left out of the 14.

I think it's just a matter of time and practice before I eliminate the flinch.  I was on the money whenever I focused on just pulling the trigger back without flinching.  As the session went on and I started to over think it was when my accuracy would suffer.  The good news is that the groups were all fairly tight and there were none thrown off the silhouette.  All in all, a good session, but with room to improve.

As usual, if anyone has any suggestions on how to completely eliminate flinching, then please do share.  I am really wanting to become a good shot and know that accuracy work is the foundation for anyone who carries for self defense.


  1. Yep.... I do the same down- flinch thing with a shotgun. Surprisingly, not with a handgun- usually the issue for me is poor trigger control/ finger placement when my groups turn into shotgun patterns- usually from either a poor draw leading to a poor grip and/or being to eager to rush in to the next shot I guess.

    At least you're doing better than me in the one-handed department- my groupings look more like I went at it sidearming gangsta style....especially if I try to shoot left handed. lol

    1. I also see (previous post) that we share the same tastes in compact pistols (MP-9c). Did you get the DCAEK for yours?

    2. Believe it or not, I do cock the pistol to the side a little to help with recoil. So I do a modified gangsta' pistol technique. :D

      I love my 9c. I like Glocks, but the M&P series has really proven themselves in the reliability department by all reports and they just fit my hands so much better. I have not done the DCAEK yet. I was considering having Apex do their Apex Level 2 Trigger package (which includes the DCAEK) plus AEK Trigger.

      Have you done the DCAEK? If so, was it a big improvement?

    3. Wow- so do I.... 0.o
      I'll call it "neuvo gangsta".

      Yes, the 9C is great- the only compact I could find that I had a hope of concealing on me, but still fit my big hands (with the finger baseplate on mag).

      I had the DCAEK installed when I bought it- I think it's quite nice- Of course, I don't have a lot of experience with the standard trigger, as I went right to the DCAEK, but judging from the rentals I shot, it does take up some of the slack, and has a nice smooth pull overall with a short "snick" break- seems similar in pull weight and travel distance to a Glock, but not as "crunchy" on the break- smoother (although some people say it's "squishy"- guess it's all personal taste...). If you get the RAM, it helps to get a more audible/felt "click" when you reset the trigger- not huge like an AR, but again, kind of like a Glock, and much better than the stock trigger on the couple M&Ps I rented- although, they WERE rental guns, so YMMV....

      So overall, I would say not like a HUGE night and day difference (unless your guns has like a 10 pound trigger or something or you're used to custom 1911s in which case it would probably be a step back), but it's the small improvements that add up and make a difference.
      And for the price (which, back when I got it was super reasonable- haven't checked recently) there's nothing to really lose- aside from small parts.... lol

    4. Awesome, thanks for the information. I'm thinking of making it a Christmas gift to myself. I will be sure to let you know if I do it and maybe do a post on it vs. the stock parts.