Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Range Report 9-26-13: Tune up prior to Asymmetric's Tactical Pistol 1

Hey folks, sorry for the irregularity of my postings.  It's been a bit busy professionally and personally the past couple of weeks.  However, I did find time last Thursday to make it out to the range.  I have a pistol course this up coming weekend at Asymmetric Solutions and I thought that it would be a good idea to try and tune up prior.

Slow and steady, for accuracy at 3 yds
I put a hundred rounds total through my M&P9c.  I shot groups of ten for each drill.  Above, was my customary slow and steady shots for accuracy.  I only threw one.

Fast presentation, single shot at 3 yds
I next worked on presenting the pistol and acquiring the sights as fast as possible from the "meet and greet" position and firing a single shot.  I then returned the pistol to the "meet and greet" position.  My groups opened up, but were still combat acceptable.

Fast presentation, controlled pairs at 3 yds
The next twenty rounds, I repeated the same exercise.  This time, however, instead of a single shot, I performed controlled pairs.  I would like to get a shot timer to eventually see how slow my splits are.

Slow and steady for accuracy at 7 yds
At this point, I decided to extend the range a bit.  I worked on accuracy in this string of fire.  Unfortunately, my groups opened up more than I wold have liked.  Furthermore, I had noticed in the previous drill that my shots were starting to group to the left/ low left.  I decided to research ways to fix this once I got home.  Also, I figured I could ask the folks at Asymmetric to watch me and see if they could pick out what was going on.

On a side note, if you take a look at the top of the target, then you will see a "rip".  That, in fact, was a round that I must have fired into the metal hanger and then ricocheted on through the target.  I was kind of mad at myself because I thought for sure I was on target when I broke the shot.  Oh well, practice, practice.

One handed shooting.  Left hand/group on the left 7, Right hand/group on the right 7 at 3 yds
I brought the target back to 3 yds for one handed shooting.  My shooting was slow and for accuracy.  I was surprised that I was really fairly tight on my groupings.  I did ten with the left and ten with the right.  You can see my groups on the 7's on the target

I will be sure to write up an After Action Report (AAR) about my class at Asymmetric in the next few weeks after I attend.  If anyone has any tips on how to correct my slight bias to the left / low left tendency, then I am always open to the advice.  Outside of the drills I just mentioned, are there any drills that you would like to share that you find useful in sharpening your skills?  Any recommendations on a shot timer?

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