Monday, November 11, 2013

UPDATED: DGU of the Day: Injustice is Served

This is why I believe no business, school, etc has a legal right to demand that you disarm:

Gonzaga students face possible expulsion for using gun to ward off intruder

So, let me get this straight?  A convicted felon knocks on the door, tries to burglarize/rob the two and because they used a "prohibited" gun to ward off the goblin they now face expulsion?  That is a bunch of horse shit.  This idea that anyone has a legal right to discriminate (yes, that is what it is, you won't convince me otherwise) against those who want the means to defend themselves is absurd.  I hope these guys sue the pants off of Gonzaga if the university proceeds to try and expel them.

UPDATE:  Literally within minutes, this post over at TTAG went up.  Several folks over at The Truth About Guns are pointing out that the landlord/campus had no authority to limit the two's right to self defense.  One comment from Chris stated:

"Looking at Washington’s laws, it appears that they had the right to have firearms in the apartment regardless of Gonzaga’s rules against it as landlords can’t violate the right to self defense. It shouldn’t matter where the apartment is, who owns it or how many guns they had. If they had them legally they are in the right here."

Glad to hear it!

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