Monday, November 25, 2013

Quick Hit: A Couple of Preparedness Items From Last Week

Hey all,

I'm going to be half assing it this week in regards to posts.  I'm lacking some motivation and also busy with real world work.

I did get to address some preps this past week.  First, I had my vision corrected!  I always consider maintaining my health as the first and principle prep "item".  You're only good to yourself and your loved ones if you're in peak condition.  I had a severe near sighted left eye, a slightly farsighted right eye, and astigmatism in both.  As of this post, my vision is approaching what is projected to be 20/13 vision.  I had a procedure known as SBK done.  It's basically LASIK except it is performed using all lasers as opposed to a blade for the initial flap creation.  I'll be posting in more detail once my eyes have fully recovered to let you know how it went (probably after the New Year on the heels of a follow up visit).

I also created my first Super Pails of dry food storage.  I'll be doing a post on that in the next few days with a few pictures to illustrate (and warn about the mistake I made).

Well, that's really all for now.

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