Thursday, January 30, 2014

Posts Will Resume...

Hey all,

Just a quick update, I'm out on the road working for another couple weeks and working odd hours.   My schedule should get back to normal after that.  I'll try and post in the meantime, but regular posting won't be happening until then.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

An Act of Kindness by a Law Enforcement Officer

Before today's post, just a heads up that this work week is a bit busy so you may not see much coming from the blog until things die down.

I grind on a lot of irresponsible law enforcement officers, but I fully realize that you can't paint an entire group with one brush.  Here was a great story about officers helping a gentleman out:

Georgia cops buy taxi fare for man who walked 29 miles to court on frigid day

LEOs are just like you and I.  There are always going to be good, bad and ugly ones.  We should always stay vigilant since we put our trust in them, but I think they should be celebrated when they go out of their way to show kindness and common sense.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Got Water?: WV Water Tainted by Chemical Spill

People sometimes look at me funny when the topic of preparedness comes up and I mention I have 4 55 gallon food grade barrels in my garage full of tap water.  This is why I do:

The start of the mess - ‘Chaos’ as West Virginia customers pack stores to buy water after chemical spill, federal gov't opens investigation

About 5 days later and a lot of headaches for folks - Water ban lifted for part of West Virginia after spill

5 days without tap water and no back ups is a LONG time.  Note that people were told to only use water from the city for flushing the toilet.  That meant no water for dishes, clothes, bathing, brushing teeth, etc.  Now imagine if this went on for two weeks straight for a family of four.

Doesn't sound so silly  to have some water stored in light of that, now does it?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Range Report 1-10-14

Just a quick run down on my most recent trip to the range.  I popped over to the indoor pistol range since it had been far too long.  I ended up shooting pretty well.  I thought for sure my accuracy would have dropped off, but it was right on par.  Better yet, I played with my trigger finger placement on the face of the trigger to try and fix my recent issue of firing low and to the left during quick follow up shots.  I think I may have solved the problem because all my groups were fairly centered.  Just as a reminder, I shot my M&P9c.  The targets were B34 silhouettes.  These are shrunk down versions of the B27.  B27s are basically life size silhouettes.

3 groups at 3 yards.  Note the one flyer... first shot of the day.
I made the decision to just shoot as opposed to having a set of drills to do.  I wasn't going to focus on anything but that trigger finger placement.  I concentrated on all of the fundamentals and especially on the trigger control.  I fired about once a second or so and longer if I needed more time to re-acquire the sight picture.  As you can see, not bad.

At 5 yards.  The bottom group was performed using the right hand only at 3 yards.
Again, I made my focus trigger control.  My head and body groups were good at 5 yards.  I noticed some of my shots going to the right.  I realized that my support hand was not applying the appropriate tension and the shots came back to the center.  The group at the bottom was one handed.  I need a bit more practice.  The speed with which I shot was on average one shot per second or so.  I basically pulled the trigger as soon as I re-acquired a "perfect" sight picture.

There are 4 groups here... I'm just not 100% on all of the shots.
My last few groups were at 15 yards.  Again, I worked on the same thing and kept on shooting as I saw my sight picture after the recoil.  I threw three of my head shots off the silhouette.  Not good, but that's why I practice.  My groups opened up a little, but that was expected at the extended range.  My very last group was back at 5 yards.

Overall, I felt pretty good about this practice session.  Especially considering it had been longer than I would have liked.  Feel free to give me any pointers or share what your regimen was at your last range session.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

DGU of the Day: Carjacker Thwarted by Quick Reacting Man

This idjit got more than he bargained for:

NH Man Pulls Gun On Would-Be Carjacker

The man did very well.  Have you thought about how you would draw while seated in your car?  There are a lot of pistol courses out there that actually teach how to defend yourself using a gun when in your car.  I highly recommend you get this type of training and then take that and practice in your own vehicle (weapon unloaded, of course).  This will allow you to figure out what realistically works and doesn't work.  If you're serious about carrying a gun, then you'd be a fool not to take this into consideration.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Man Thrown in Jail Over Building Code Violation

There's something incredibly wrong with our "justice" system when we are throwing WWII veterans in jail over building code violations:

Fox News: 88-year-old business owner who can’t afford repairs finds himself in jail

Hiawatha News: Night in county lock-up could be a blessing in disguise for Horton business owner

As noted in the Hiawatha New's report, the good that came out of this was that people are stepping up to help this man.

Look, the guy is 88 years old.  What possible good does it serve to throw him in the clink overnight?  Why are we throwing people in jail when someone is not able to come up with a plan or money to fix a building?  Has the system devolved so much that we resort to what is essentially "debtor's prison"?  If it does not make sense, then something tells me there is more going on.  Some commentators on the original articles are probably onto something when they say "someone wants that land/building".  Maybe it's true and maybe it's just speculation.  Either way, the whole thing is wrong.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DGU of the Day: Stupid Is, As Stupid Does Edition

It takes a special kind of stupid (or desperation) to rob a gun store:

Police: Collingdale gun shop owner foils attempted robbery by two teen

Not much details to expand on.  Just note that these guys tried to rob a GUN SHOP.  Don't ever think that criminals will flee at the sight of a gun.  If you pull it out, then be ready to use it.

Monday, January 6, 2014

DGU of the Day: Homeowner Saves His Wife's Life in Home Invasion Attempt

Hmmm, another home invasion and possible murder stopped by a homeowner with a gun:

Coroner: Suspect dead after man shot in attempted home invasion

The homeowner was shot, but is expected to survive.  Remember, just having a gun and knowing how to use it is not all.  The mindset to fight through a gunshot and finish the fight is paramount.  A person has a better chance to survive with the correct mindset cultivated to win the fight.