Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Got Water?: WV Water Tainted by Chemical Spill

People sometimes look at me funny when the topic of preparedness comes up and I mention I have 4 55 gallon food grade barrels in my garage full of tap water.  This is why I do:

The start of the mess - ‘Chaos’ as West Virginia customers pack stores to buy water after chemical spill, federal gov't opens investigation

About 5 days later and a lot of headaches for folks - Water ban lifted for part of West Virginia after spill

5 days without tap water and no back ups is a LONG time.  Note that people were told to only use water from the city for flushing the toilet.  That meant no water for dishes, clothes, bathing, brushing teeth, etc.  Now imagine if this went on for two weeks straight for a family of four.

Doesn't sound so silly  to have some water stored in light of that, now does it?

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