Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Man Thrown in Jail Over Building Code Violation

There's something incredibly wrong with our "justice" system when we are throwing WWII veterans in jail over building code violations:

Fox News: 88-year-old business owner who can’t afford repairs finds himself in jail

Hiawatha News: Night in county lock-up could be a blessing in disguise for Horton business owner

As noted in the Hiawatha New's report, the good that came out of this was that people are stepping up to help this man.

Look, the guy is 88 years old.  What possible good does it serve to throw him in the clink overnight?  Why are we throwing people in jail when someone is not able to come up with a plan or money to fix a building?  Has the system devolved so much that we resort to what is essentially "debtor's prison"?  If it does not make sense, then something tells me there is more going on.  Some commentators on the original articles are probably onto something when they say "someone wants that land/building".  Maybe it's true and maybe it's just speculation.  Either way, the whole thing is wrong.

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