Monday, January 13, 2014

Range Report 1-10-14

Just a quick run down on my most recent trip to the range.  I popped over to the indoor pistol range since it had been far too long.  I ended up shooting pretty well.  I thought for sure my accuracy would have dropped off, but it was right on par.  Better yet, I played with my trigger finger placement on the face of the trigger to try and fix my recent issue of firing low and to the left during quick follow up shots.  I think I may have solved the problem because all my groups were fairly centered.  Just as a reminder, I shot my M&P9c.  The targets were B34 silhouettes.  These are shrunk down versions of the B27.  B27s are basically life size silhouettes.

3 groups at 3 yards.  Note the one flyer... first shot of the day.
I made the decision to just shoot as opposed to having a set of drills to do.  I wasn't going to focus on anything but that trigger finger placement.  I concentrated on all of the fundamentals and especially on the trigger control.  I fired about once a second or so and longer if I needed more time to re-acquire the sight picture.  As you can see, not bad.

At 5 yards.  The bottom group was performed using the right hand only at 3 yards.
Again, I made my focus trigger control.  My head and body groups were good at 5 yards.  I noticed some of my shots going to the right.  I realized that my support hand was not applying the appropriate tension and the shots came back to the center.  The group at the bottom was one handed.  I need a bit more practice.  The speed with which I shot was on average one shot per second or so.  I basically pulled the trigger as soon as I re-acquired a "perfect" sight picture.

There are 4 groups here... I'm just not 100% on all of the shots.
My last few groups were at 15 yards.  Again, I worked on the same thing and kept on shooting as I saw my sight picture after the recoil.  I threw three of my head shots off the silhouette.  Not good, but that's why I practice.  My groups opened up a little, but that was expected at the extended range.  My very last group was back at 5 yards.

Overall, I felt pretty good about this practice session.  Especially considering it had been longer than I would have liked.  Feel free to give me any pointers or share what your regimen was at your last range session.


  1. Nice! Try some rapid fire next time! I rarely use a controlled rate myself because I believe that I will revert to that habit if I ever need to use my carry.

    My favorite tecnique is the two shot group. Fire two, adjust aim, fire two more...etc. taking the time it would take for the third shot to focus on the post and correct my aim.

    1. The range I go to specifies no rapid fire, but I think they mean mag dumps. I am going to start working on pairs and strings of 3 to 4 shots. I'll also give your technique a try. Anything to get out of the "sharp shooting" habit.