Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Big Brother Gets Bigger in the KC Metro

As if our lives were not intruded upon enough...

License plate reader set to be mounted at a KCMO intersection

I can hear it already from proponents of this technology: "We are just trying to capture people with outstanding warrants or folks with stolen cars."  Great, I can get on board with that if you could guarantee me that would be all it was used for.  But, the potential for abuse is great.  Maybe not from one camera, but if you think this will stop at one camera, then you're also probably still trying to hunt for snipes...


  1. When i was going to college, the powers that be decided to put up video cameras on delights. For our safety, of course. Within days they were all riddled with bullets. The city blamed gangs. Never seen a gangsta hit something that small. Molon labe!

  2. Yep- they're looking to start this up (well, add to, anyway) in california too.

    For your safety and security!