Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Surprise! Mainstream Media Cannot Be Trusted

My wife is fond of the play "Newsies".  There's a part in it where one of the editors alludes to the fact (and I'm paraphrasing) that whoever reports the news can control the narrative of world events

ABC News Misrepresents the Numbers on Gun Deaths

Instead of reporting the hard facts, ABC news distorts the facts and offers dishonest analysis on the cause of children dying by gun shot.  To be sure, any death is terrible.  But ABC News would have the viewer believe that small children were dying by the hundreds every week due to guns.  Because "guns"!

We are at a dangerous time in history where the truth is being drowned out in a sea of misinformation.  Savvy people will need to start looking else where for their news and even then must take it with a grain of salt.  Look behind the numbers.  Look behind the studies.  And, most importantly, think for yourself.

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  1. I used to trust the news, but then again I grew up in an extremely liberal, (and now Communist) household. My parents typically call anyone who believes the crap being spewed out of the television "paranoid," yet they believe that I should not be allowed to own firearms for the reason of "you don't need them." They also relentlessly throughout my childhood spurted out "you can't believe what you see on TV." Unless it's towing the party line, and in that case they never heard such truth and honesty in their whole lives.

    Like all typical communists, they are themselves despots and abusers and are afraid of reaping what they sow. The very thought of the express purpose of the Second Amendment terrifies and bewilders them. And now, the people are armed. Funny how assholes flock to shower praises on the politicians who would help them invent an illness to avoid reaping the consequences of their actions and hurl hate filled speech at anyone who takes responsibility for their actions. And especially the safety of their family.