Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Anti-2A Crowd is NEVER Satisfied

Never.  Satisfied.  EVAR!

New York pastor's Sunday service assault rifle giveaway draws controversy

So, let me get this straight:  A New York (un)SAFE Act compliant rifle is being raffled away.  It complies with the absolutely insane and arbitrary law that bans cosmetic features.  They could be raffling off a deer rifle that has more stopping power than this so called "assault rifle" (a misnomer by the way, as it operates mechanically like any other semi-auto rifle).  The outcry would probably be not as great or most likely nil if it was a hunting rifle which logically makes no sense.  But, as one lawyer I know is fond of saying, "It doesn't have to make sense, it's just the law."

And, because it is at a church, it's doubly worse, how?  Pretty sure folks who go to church are less likely to commit crimes.  It's not like they are on pins and needles to win a raffled off rifle just so they can go and blow away people at the first gun free zone they can find.

But, what about the gun "falling into the wrong hands?"  You mean like thieves stealing them from gun stores?  Or, buying them from the black market?  By that logic, we should probably place stricter limits on who can drink alcohol as well because the "wrong people" drink it and then drive and kill people at IT tech festivals.

All this hand wringing is ridiculous and, frankly, pathetic.  Grow a pair (male or female) and start taking responsibility for your own lives.  And quit worrying about what "may" happen.  The chances of you dying from anything other than natural causes or illness are slim.  Bad people are going to do bad things.  You can't regulate away those "things" in the hopes it stops a bad guy.  They'll just get a hold of that "thing" one way or another or they'll substitute it for something else.  Oh, and when one of those "things" happens to be a gun, then maybe one should stop to think that they themselves could use that "thing" to save their own life (there's that personal responsibility thing again).  It works both ways.

Oh, and it's your natural right to be able to defend yourself.  Pretty sure you can't do that with a bat, knife, fork, etc when you're staring down the barrel of a .45 (think the criminal won it in a raffle?).  But, hey, it's your choice, for now, in spite of anti-2A folks.  Good luck with that.

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