Thursday, April 10, 2014

Baby Preps

It's not even been two weeks since our little girl made her appearance.  It got me to thinking about preparations and just general planning for an infant/toddler when it comes to the needs of having children.  Obviously, food, clothing, etc.  I'll admit I am behind the curve on this one.  We plan on doing cloth diapers once she grows a little more.  The wife is breast feeding which helps cut down on the need for formula (although we have been having to supplement).  I have even started thinking of her financial future by looking into IRA's.  I am sure there are lists of "baby preps", but I would love to hear from others what "needed" items they suggest to have on hand.  I will probably do another post once I have a better grasp on what we truly need and what is out there.

Please comment below and help me out!


  1. Congrats! I never saw the birth announcement on either of your facebook walls! What is her name?

  2. What kinds of "baby preps" are you needing advice on? If IRA type of items is what you are going for, I doubt I can help much but if you are talking about just random items, I have an email I have been sending to friends who are pregnant if that would help?

  3. Sorry, we don't generally like blasting the announcements on our status updates. Yeah, send me that email! or to one of our FB accounts if you like.

    "Baby Preps" to me just means having our bases covered and having extra amounts of in the event we fell on some kind of hard times.