Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Range Report 5-16-2014

I hadn't made it out to the pistol range since the new one was born until this past Friday.  I was scared to see how much I had regressed.  Fortunately, I had not slid too far.

3 yard line.  X ring and head slow fire for fundamentals.  Remaining 3 groups "first shot" drill.
Well, not too shabby on the x ring and just a little worse on the head group.  Feeling good about the tight groups I decided to work on that first shot acquisition.  I tried to go as fast as possible while getting a "flash" sight picture.  Obviously, the groups opened up a little bit, but I wasn't going for supreme accuracy either.

7 yard line.  "First shot" drill with body and head group.
Pushed a new target out to the 7 yard line.  Performed the "First shot" drill with combat effective hits.  I'd like my groups to be a bit more tight at 7 yards.  I caught myself looking at the target  instead of the front sight a few times instead of just keeping my focus on the front sight even during the follow through.  Through out the remainder of the practice session I kept mentally repeating to myself, "Front site, front site, front site."

15 yard line.  "First shot" drill.  First group on the X.  Second group on the top "7".
First shot drill again, but at a greater distance of 15 yards.  The body group included every shot from the 9 ring towards the center.  The lone shot outside of this was the one clearly in the 8 ring to the top left.  The rest of the shots were focused on the top "7".  Clearly, I left two off the silhouette.  Unacceptable.  Pat Rogers recently had wrote an article for SWAT magazine in the past year addressing the need to practice at longer than 10 yard distances.  I agree with him and this is proof that I need to do more of it.  I highly recommend SWAT magazine as well as anything written by Pat Rogers.  He is a no non-sense type of guy and I like the little bit of humor he does inject into his writing.

25 yard line.  Slow fire for accuracy.
Well, I definitely have it in me to keep it center mass at 25 yards if I am not rushing.  I was actually pretty pleased with myself with only one shot being outside the 9 ring.  However, slow fire for accuracy is a far cry from a "First shot" type drill.

3 yard line.  Slow fire for accuracy with Kahr PM9.
I had dragged along my Kahr PM9 for this trip to start practicing with it again.  I was down to my last 20 rounds so it was time to switch over.  I decided to just slow fire this one for now since I had not fired it in a while.  Not too bad.  I will need to practice more with it if I choose to carry it when my clothing options for certain get togethers and events are limited.

My take away's from this practice session are two fold.  First, I need to just focus on the front site throughout the entire firing process.  Second, I need to practice at greater distances.  I know I can put rounds on target at 7 yards, but the wheels start to come off at 15 yards.  I would not feel comfortable engaging at that distance and that limits me as a person who wants to be proficient to at least 25 yards (and beyond if I get really good!).

As always, thanks for reading and please feel free to leave tips or drills that you find helpful.