Wednesday, June 11, 2014

America the Regulated

This little gem was brought to my attention from reading Tamara's post over at View From The Porch:

Game Changer: FDA Rules No Wooden Boards in Cheese Aging

I just shake my head when I read these types of articles.  We are going to hamstring the American artisanal cheese industry even though cheese has been aged on wooden boards for literally thousands of years.  Brilliant.  But it's for your safety!  Frankly, I'll take my chances, thanks.

This brings to mind some of the other asinine stories I've heard about in recent years.  Has anyone heard about the Gibson guitar raid?  The linked article is to Hot Air who "who followed the money" so to speak and found some interesting clues on why the federales would send in raiding teams and force Gibson employees out of the building at gunpoint.  Whether you agree with Hot Air's analysis two years after the fact or not, the fact remains that this was over wood.  Nothing like that justifies a SWAT like response.

Another story that comes to mind is the raids over raw milk.  And, again, with guns drawn.

America is no longer the land of opportunity it once was.  Sure, relatively, it can still hold the title.  For now.  That won't last for my daughter or any of America's future generations if we stifle that opportunity with regulations and the threat of violence.  Which, I might add, are setup by people we do not elect.  How's that for a constitutional republic?

The freedom to pursue our lines of work and innovate into niche markets is what has given America it's edge.  Do we really want to give up that edge and promise of opportunity in the name of "perceived" safety and political correctness because some agency thinks we are too stupid to live our lives?  By the looks of it, apparently so.

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