Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Hog Hunter is Born: Advanced Armament Corp 300 Blackout Pistol

A couple of weeks ago I had mentioned that I was building out an AR lower as a pistol lower.  What started out as this... now this!

This is my hog eradicator.  I've been wanting to put together a platform to go hog hunting with ever since I had seen Nick Leghorn's build over at The Truth About Guns.  I instantly fell in love with it.  Here is a parts list for what I decided to put into my build (so far):

My lower build out for this pistol went much smoother than my carbine lower receiver build because a) I knew what I was doing and b) I actually had the right tools for the job.  My punches and roll pin holders along with the appropriate hammer showed up on my doorstep and I went to work.

I had a decision that I had to make prior to ordering the parts for this build.  I initially was going to register one of the lowers as a short barrel rifle (SBR) per the National Firearms Act (NFA).  This is the same act that requires registration of silencers, machine guns, etc.  As of this blog post, the folks at the NFA division of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Really Big Fires (the ATF... yes, that ATF) are having an incredibly hard time keeping up with the flood of paperwork required for those items.  Currently, the wait time for a silencer or SBR is something like 9 months!  It has skyrocketed from 1-2 months wait times circa 2012 due to the fact that a) The President along with his anti-2A cronies have everyone in a panic and b) over the past decade or so more and more states are realizing that silencers, SBR's, etc are not the evil death machines they were touted as being back in 1934.  As such, states have legalized ownership of these.

One of the regulations (or codified law?) surrounding SBRs is the requirement to notify ATF when crossing state lines.  This can take a very long time with the current NFA branch being swamped.  Since I live near the Kansas/ Missouri border I decided that this was too much of a burden for me.  I decided to go down the route of a AR pistol.  Thus I ordered the appropriate parts.

Sig Sauer makes an arm brace that ATF has specifically stated is not considered a stock.  It was further clarified by ATF, in writing, that shouldering the Sig SB-15 to fire was legal.  Sig even includes a copy of the letter they received from ATF initially concerning the brace not being considered a stock.  I will be carrying this letter with me at all times when using the pistol just to be on the safe side if I run into a game warden or law enforcement officer who may think it is an unregistered SBR.

It doesn't have to make sense... it's just the law.  But I digress.

The drawback to using the Sig SB-15 vs. a carbine adjustable stock is that the length of pull (LOP) is not adjustable.  Enter KAK's pistol buffer tube and extension kit.

Pistol buffer tube has "ledge" that keeps the SB15 from sliding up towards the castle nut.  Separate machined rings slide onto tube prior to sliding the SB15 on to the tube to give different LOP.
The tube is a legit pistol buffer tube.  It simply has a lip machined into it that does not allow the SB-15 to slide clear up to the castle nut.  This allows folks who use the brace as intended some more ergonomic options.  I set mine up so that it mimicked what I normally have my stock set to lengthwise.

I already have the paperwork in for the AAC 762-SDN-6.  The silencer combined with subsonic ammo will make this one stealthy hunting machine.  As for glass, I may copy what Leghorn did and go with the Leupold Mark AR Mod 1.  My dream would be for some night hunting with the new FLIR RS Series units.  That, however, would be out of my price range by a long shot for quite a while.  I'll probably add a white/IR light at some point.  I have not thought out what I would go with in that department.

Does anyone have a suggestion for an optic to top this off with?  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Honest questiin...what justifies a $1100 upper? Is it the AAC name?

  2. Reasonable 9 inch nitride threaded upper alternative?

  3. @Anon 9:37 - Part of it probably is the AAC name, but I think it's largely due to the fact that there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of choice out there. I suspect it's a supply thing because there's simply not that many 9 inch uppers in 300 BLK so they feel the price can be at that point. If you know of one, then please share the info. I did not have any luck looking via the interwebz.

    I know Daniel Defense makes 10.3 inch uppers in 300 BLK, but last I checked they were not in stock and the pricing was not a whole lot better. DPMS and Spike's also have uppers in various lengths, but, again, I still haven't seen anything that's significantly lower priced for a 9 inch nitrided upper (I didn't want stainless steel).

  4. Nice!
    I did some interwebz research on pistol buffers after finding out about the SB15, and KAK definitely seems to be the best thing going right now. Built nice and thick too.

  5. I have a Burris MTAC 1-4x. The glass is good and it seems quite stout. The price was $350ish. For my carbine I almost wish I'd gone with their 1.5-6 power to have a bit more glass on the top end but for a pistol with a 9 in barrel 1-4 should be great..

    Also the Leupold Mark AR series is well priced.

    1. I agree with sticking with 1-4x. The effective range for the pistol with 300 BLK ammo is going to be fairly short.

      I run the 1.5-6 on my 5.56 carbine. I really enjoy it. If you get a "do over" I would definitely tell you to go with it.