Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Moment of Sanity with a Dash of Pearl Clutching

I can't help but chuckle to myself as I read the following article:

California school district becomes latest to allow officers to carry AR-15s

It is good to see that some folks get it.  Long guns are the preferred tool for taking care of the bad guys.  To say that giving AR-15's to our law enforcement officers is "militarizing" law enforcement is absurd.  The military does not use AR-15's.  They use select fire (yes, Virginia, that means it's a ::gasp:: machine gun) M16 and M4 rifles.  Do they look similar?  Sure they do!  So does that mean a Ponticac Fiero with a Ferrari kit is an actual Ferrari?  Of course not.  And the fact that more people don't understand this is tragic.

Some of the anti-2A comments in the article border on the insane.  Really, cops having long guns in the trunks of their patrol cars makes it MORE dangerous?  You mean more dangerous than a nut job coming in guns blazing?  What kind of delusional Utopia do they think they live in where the cops shouldn't have the right tool to protect their babies?  The only thing that will wake these type of people up is if, God forbid, they find themselves being raped, beaten or attempted to be murdered.  And even, then, they'd probably have doubts after the fact.  These people can't be swayed and I would rather not waste my efforts on them.

But there are people out there that truly don't know the difference.  That being said, it has to be getting more and more hard to claim ignorance when there are literally millions of gun owners out there who DO know the difference.  If even half of them took the effort to educate and get people out to the range, then I would think more folks would see the logical fallacies of  firearms being "good for me (government), but not for thee (We the People)" mentality of semi-automatic weapons.  We will stay on the winning side of the 2A fight if we focus on these folks and treat ALL people with respect and reserve the vitriol for another day.

What have you done to recruit the fence sitters?

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