Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Blog of the Week: Guns Save Lives

Some of you may remember last year I tried to post Defensive Gun Uses (DGU) on a regular basis to illustrate that guns are used far more often as a force for good than evil.  Guns Save Lives makes it their business to record such events.  I always direct people to their website when the topic of gun control comes up.  Mass murder, brutal assaults with guns, etc are almost always recorded because they are crimes by their very nature.  Thus, the subsequent police report, arrest record and conviction then becomes reportable as public information and into crime statistics.  It also gives the media a chance to gin up anti-2A sentiment when a shooting spree occurs.

Unfortunately, for those who champion the virtues of gun ownership and the right to bear arms, no such database exists.  The mechanisms that make it easier to record criminal gun use are not present for defensive gun use.  Many DGUs occur when the mere presence of the gun being presented scares off the assailants without a shot being fired.  Since lawful gun use is not a crime, then the gun use may not get recorded properly if at all.  Furthermore, not all lawful gun use is even reported.  If the person was not made into a victim, then they sometimes choose to carry on and do not report the incident.  As an aside, I generally recommend against not letting the police know that I used my weapon to scare off an assailant because criminals have been known to turn the tables and call the police on the person they just assaulted!

I respect what Guns Save Lives does because it is an attempt to build a record.  Keep in mind that the DGUs listed on the website are from verifiable media sources.  They don't include the several thousand incidents that never make it to print.

I encourage any fence sitters reading this that are hesitant about gun rights and/or gun control to read the stories on Guns Save Lives and then put themselves in the victims' shoes.  Ask yourself, what would you have done in that situation if you did not have a gun?   Or if you did have a gun, but only were allowed to have 7 rounds loaded into that firearm i.e. the New York unSAFE Act?  You may be surprised at the thoughts that pop into your head.

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