Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Toledo, Ohio's Toxic Water Crisis

Would this be you in a crisis?
The crisis lasted about a couple of days:

Third day is the charm: Toledo can drink its water

Put yourself in this crisis situation and learn from it.  Would you have had enough clean water on hand to get through two days?   Boiling water only made the contamination worse since the source of the contamination was a toxin.  Also, consider that officials were warning to not let children bathe due to potential accidental ingestion.  That is a good amount of water that you would have to have on hand.  Now, multiply that out for a 7 day total.  Would you have enough to get you through that length of time?  Two weeks?  A month?

It's cheap insurance to run to Costco or Sam's and stock up on a week's worth of bottled water.  Factor in the amount needed to drink, cook with and for your own family's personal hygiene.  Then just start rotating it out on a regular basis.  If you like taking showers, then buy a camping shower and rig it up in your bathroom.

Your backup water and ability to purify water can be thought of as tiers.  One to two weeks of water can be in the form of bottled water.  Longer than that and you start to look at larger containers.  5 gallon food/water safe containers are great for portability.  55 gallon water drums are not very portable, but are an easy way to store water if you have the space.  Just be sure to fill them up using a marine hose like those used for RVs.  Standard garden hoses have some lead in them.  I personally do not treat my water with extra chlorine since it already is added by the city.  I would probably treat it once I was ready to drink it to be on the safe side, but I believe chances are slim that it would be contaminated anyways.  Having a water filter and/or water purification tablets in addition to having the ability to boil water is a pretty solid setup for purification.  If you keep bleach around the house, then that can be used as well.

So, got water?

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