Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How Many Gats Does a Person Need?

A while back Ryan over at Total Survivalist posed the question about how many firearms is enough.  While I do love me some boom sticks I have my own practical limit.  When I say "practical" I mean practical for me.  I am not in any way insinuating that there's a general practical limit.  I don't want anyone to construe that I think there should be any limit to the number of firearms one can possess.

With that said, I'm not talking about collecting, but the number of "work" guns a person might need.  This includes hunting and self defense pieces.  A good hunting rifle, hunting shotgun and a .22LR rifle (for small critters) per family member covers all the bases of hunting.  Backup parts and the know how to maintain and make repairs is ideal.

I consider a pistol and a rifle per family member to cover the basics of defense.  A choice like the Glock 19 or similar can do double duty as a carry pistol and home defense pistol.  The first choice in home defense or serious SHTF situations should be a rifle.  Ideally, a AR-15 will be easier to aim.  An AR-15 with the correct rounds will minimize overpenetration at the same level of some pistol rounds..  Again, backup parts and some gunsmithing skills goes a long way to reducing your costs and downtime for any firearms you own.

You may be asking why one of each per family member.  It may seem like overkill, but in reality it serves a few purposes.  First, everyone comes in different shapes and sizes.  Specifically, hand size, arm length and overall strength come in to play.  A Glock 22 (full size .40 cal) may work for a medium size man, but not necessarily for a petite female.  Having each person be a good fit for their firearms and vice versa helps stack the deck in their favor.  Those situations could be as mundane as bagging a deer or, in the most dire of circumstances, defending one's life.

The second reason ties back into redundancy.  If one of your firearms goes down with a broken doohickey, then you have a back up.  You can take the redundancy a step further and try to keep your firearms the same make and model.  Keep in mind that I would not recommend doing this at the expense of choosing the right firearm for a given family member.

Last, your children will not live with you forever (at least you hope not!).  Sending them off with the capability to continue their tradition of hunting or being able to defend themselves is priceless.  And, in a ruckus, they will be able to come to your aid (it has happened!).

What are your thoughts on your own personal needs?  Are you satisfied with just a pistol or shotgun when defending the homestead?

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