Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Happened, America?: Nerf Gun Suspension

From the people who brought you the suspension for the Pop Tart gun comes this:

Houston schools discuss child's 'Nerf gun' suspension

Judging from the story, it sounds like the school is in full on CYA mode so they don't look like the no-common-sense idiots that they are.

Although exceptionally rare nowadays, schools used to have rifle ranges on the premises.  Has the wussification of our children been so total and absolute that we now punish them for bringing toys to school?  I cannot even type that the Nerf gun is a toy gun with a straight face.  It shoots foam darts and foam balls for crying out loud!

I don't really have any more words to describe the idiocy of this.

What happened, America?


  1. Our neighbor was suspended for 2 days for taking an airsoft gun to school.

    1. And just think, a few years ago, I'm sure there were kids with hunting rifles and shotty's in the gun racks or trunks during hunting season.

    2. Like when we were in school...just a few years ago. ;-)