Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Timney 510 Trigger for Remington 700

Shot with my elbows supported by the bench, but on my feet still.

Remington recently recalled a whole bunch of Remington 700's due to a potential trigger issue.  I did not want to have to send my hunting rifle back to them.  I opted to buy and install a Timney 510 unit.  As you can imagine, there is a plethora of installation videos for this trigger..  Installation was pretty much a breeze.  I even "screwed up" and punched one of the trigger pins completely out which resulted in me having to re-install the bolt catch and bolt catch spring.

The initial function check before putting the barrel and action back into the stock went just fine.  I put the rifle back together.  I proceeded to function check it again.  I dry fired, cycled the bolt and tried to dry fire again.  Nothing.  I looked at the bolt.  The indicator showed that pin was not reset.  I cycled the bolt and paid closer attention.  The indicator reset as I pulled the bolt back.  However, when I drove the bolt forward and twisted it shut, the indicator was depressed again indicating that the trigger was not ready to fire.

I took the barrel and action out of the stock.  I did another function check.  Everything checked out fine.  I slightly tweaked the bolt release bar per Timney's instructions although I thought it was fine the first time.  I then put the rifle back together, but was more careful to get everything in place and not over tighten any screws.  I ran through another function test and this time everything seemed to be in order.  I dry fired and cycled the bolt several times to try and induce the issue again, but could not get it to do so.

There were only two possible explanations that I could think of that caused the malfunciton.  The first was that my finger was touching the trigger and not allowing the bolt to reset the trigger.  The other was that I put the rifle back together in such a way that allowed the stock to be slightly skewed and was somehow dragging on the trigger and not allowing the reset to happen.

I made it to an indoor range a couple of weeks later.  The max distance I could shoot at was 25 yards.  I setup my target and ran it out to that distance.  I loaded up my preferred load of Federal Fusion 150 grain and made a 3 shot group.  I had accidentally picked up a box of the 180 grain variety a while back so I put 3 rounds of that into a separate group as well.  I had zero malfunctions out of the 6 shots.

25 yards:  Center mass group was the 150 grain.  Group on the top 9 was the 180 grain.

6 shots with a new trigger is not a whole lot.  However, I still want to make it to the outdoor range to confirm my zero at 100 yards.  Not only that, but I may be switching to the 180 grain if they group at 100 yards like they did at 25 yards!  I was taking my shots from a standing supported position so there may have been some inconsistency, but field conditions are never consistent.  In light of that, I thought it was a good test.

I have to say that I'm initially very pleased with the Timney trigger.  The now declared "defective" X-Mark Pro trigger from Remington came with a pull of 4 lbs (if I remember correctly) which I never bothered adjusting.  The Timney came with a 3.5 lb pull (I specified this when ordering) and is adjustable from 1.5 - 4 lbs.  However, it seems a lot lighter than the Remington trigger.  I am not experienced enough to know if 0.5 lbs is a huge difference, but it sure feels like it is.  I think there is less pre-travel  in the Timney which may be contributing to that feeling.  For me, all of that translates into "Don't put your finger in the trigger guard until you are definitely on sight!"  This is the normal rule in general, but with a lighter pulling trigger any violation of this rule could result in a unintended discharge much more easily.  Trigger discipline!

Were you affected by the Remington 700 recall?  Did you opt like I did to go to an aftermarket trigger?  Let me know in the comments below if you did or if you have experience with Timney triggers in general.  I would like to hear any positive or negative comments regarding Timney or any other aftermarket trigger.

Please share the blog with others if you would.  Until next time...

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  1. Glad to hear that problem with your trigger was fixed. I've heard a lot of positive feedback about Timney triggers.