Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Joys of Home Ownership and other Random Thoughts

Well, I told you I wouldn't be posting much unless I had time and felt like it.  Today I feel like it and have a short amount of time.  We are mostly into the new home.  We did discover some GREAT things about our 2 acre property.  Apparently, we already have an orchard which includes:

3 mulberry trees
2 peach trees
2 apple trees
1 plum tree

The wife already made a mulberry pie from scratch and it was fantastic.  The rest of the fruit has not been very great due to the lack of pruning and a bit of disease on the flesh of the peaches in particular.  We are already researching how to avoid this for next year.

The pond (which is larger than our own property) is fed by 3 hot springs.  From what I can tell, no one treats their lawns with chemicals.  I would say that covers our water situation in the event of an emergency!  Still wouldn't be a bad idea to have the water tested for chemical runoff.

Wildlife abounds as well.  We've seen rabbits, squirrels, deer, frogs and deer in abundance.  This past weekend some family friends came over to fish.  We caught two bass, a catfish and a blue gill within about an hour.

The house itself does have some work that needs to be done.  The most immediate is re-grading the land, especially around the walk out basement door.  It rained hard and fast yesterday and we soon had a river flowing into the basement.  We had an idea that this could happen from earlier rains where a smaller puddle seeped into the house under the door, but this was by far the most violent rain since moving in.  The door most likely needs to have some sealant reapplied around the door's threshold.  The water was able to get in underneath and flowed through an unfinished area and into a carpeted one.  We got most of the water out of the carpet, and have a fan running 24/7 on the carpet to dry it out as best as possible.  My only fear is mold, but hopefully our efforts to dry out the carpet will mitigate that.

I also discovered a wet spot on the drop ceiling in the basement the day after the storm (today, as of this post).  My guess is that water was blown into the soffit of the roof and migrated down the interior wall of the house.  It could also be that the gutters need to be cleaned out and water is rolling back into the house somehow.  I removed the drop ceiling tile panel and am keeping an eye on it to ensure it's not happening anymore (which would indicate a pipe leak instead).  The drop ceiling tile will need to be replaced.

Well, that's it for now.  The property and house has A LOT of potential, but it's also something that will need to be maintained.  If anyone has ideas on what I should do regarding my water woes, then please comment!


  1. Oooh I'm so excited for you! You need to post pictures! I want to come visit!

    1. Yikes, late reply. You're always welcome to drop by!